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Rama Sound Bath Classes 

Vibrational Healing withMusic, Breath Work, & Aromatherapy...

We provide healing though sensory experience of vibrational sound using a  through vary indigenous and modern day instruments. healing sound frequencies, one can reduce stress and anxiety, balance blood pressure, impact the nervous system, relax, focus, and reconnect to one's highest self. 

Join us for a live music breath work, plant healing, and expansive sound experience that is both nourishing and revitalizing for your mind, body, and spirit.  Get anointed by Sacred Scents Aromatherapy, and enjoy a deeply relaxing sound bath with gong, crystal didgeridoo, native flute, crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, xylophone. wind gong, chimes, and lots of Love. Sing together with devotional words from many different traditions and languages in order to resonate healing vibrations throughout the body. Tune up the physical body, harmonize the emotions of the heart, and balance the mind.

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Class Examples 

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