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The Conscious Groove 

Conscious Music to Uplift the Soul

"The Conscious Groove" serves to spread the frequency of love and devotion, helping listeners connect to the Creative Life Force that lives within the heart.  Move and groove to fun and uplifting rhythms, while singing, chanting as One with commUNITY, and raising your frequency to new heights with "The Conscious Groove".

Whether you wish to receive a sound bath, join a live music yoga class, chant along to mantra music, dance to positive and uplifting tunes, or hear original, soulful lyrics to ignite a spark of inspiration, "The Conscious Groove" offers many different rhythms, beats, and grooves that move the soul.  We are here for everyone, including children - who tend to be our greatest fans.  Jam with us to some good vibrations that remind us of the blessings and beauty that life offers each of us daily.  

Listen to our Music

Music Albums for Healing and Wellness

"The Conscious Groove" creates all of our music during the most auspicious times in order to maximize on the healing benefits.  The Moon cycles, planetary activity, day of the week, and other energetic influences are all considered.  We are grateful for our fans and supporters over the years, and we look forward to sharing our next new album with you soon.  Thank you for listening!


Healing music/Spiritual Music for Festivals, Special Events, Yoga Classes, and more....

Join us in 2023 at the Big Bear Yoga Festival!  This is a 2-day event filled with yoga, workshops, classes, music, dance, vendors, nature, and beautiful people.  This year we will teach a live music yoga class and offer a concert on the last day of the festival.  Come up to the mountain and join us for a transformational experience of the heart!

When: October 7-8, 2023

Tickets:  $100/person

Help us get there and pay our musicians by purchasing tickets directly through us.  We have 5 tickets available for purchase. Contact us for more information (949) 370-9904. 

Thank you for your support!

BBYF 2023.jpg
TCG Sedona Yoga Festival Pic.jpg


Workshops in San Clemente

What: Self-Care with Breath, Aromatherapy, Planetary Wisdom, and Sound

When: Saturday, July 22, 2023

4:30pm - 6:30pm

Cost: $37/Person

Join Joshua and Lemia for a live music experience of transformational breath work, a sound bath, medicinal aromatherapy, and ancient mystic teachings for health and wellness.  This month’s wisdom is focused on our physical health and the planetary influences that can offer deeper insight into why certain ailments manifest in one person versus another based on the day we are born.  We will explore the foods, herbs, and plants that help each of the planets taught, and offer a healing meditation set to live music to assimilate the knowledge received.  Dress comfortably and bring a notebook and pen to take notes (bolsters and blankets are provided by the studio).

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